The pros and cons of free hosting

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Of course, free hosting cannot compete on a level of quality with any paid hosting, but this does not mean that he has absolutely no benefits.

Major pluses include free hosting of its characteristics.

The immediate advantage of this hosting is its free. Of course, free hosting can be called only conditionally. Typically, many companies offering free Web hosting, use resources placed on it, as advertising space for your or third party goods and services. However, webmasters who placed your resource for free hosting, you don't need each month to pay for the services rendered by him.

Many webmasters say that at this point all the benefits of free hosting ends, but you can select a few positive points placing web site on this hosting. Firstly, the hosting site, can be used as the site for the SEO experiments. Even if such a resource would fall under filters search engines, the web master will not be sorry for losing him. Secondly, free hosting can be suitable for a small project that does not require from the hosting of large capacity, for example, business-card site or freelancer portfolio.

With regard to the shortcomings of the free hosting service, here you can select many negative points site placing on it.

The main cons of free hosting include indicators of quality:

-Instability of operation. Website hosted on free hosting very often may be unavailable, both for visitors and for its owner.

-A sudden closure of the site. Hoster may at any time remove site with free hosting without explanation of such Act.

-The presence of advertising on the site.

Most free hosts imply the presence of advertising on the site, which is not always acceptable to its owner also to minus the existence of the site on a free hosting can include loss of use of most modern technical capabilities of hosting: php, Mysql and so on. And if they are present, it is usually significantly simplified form.

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