CGI (Common Gateway Interface)

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Specification, which defines how information is transmitted between the Web server and other programs-CGI scripts. Servers that implement CGI, acts as a gateway between a user request and CGI scripts that generate the necessary data in response to this request.

CGI scripts (scripts) to represent a normal program that is designed specifically for interaction with the Web server GATEWAY INTERFACE (CGI) specification. CGI programs can be written in almost any programming language, but most often this is Perl. To facilitate administration and ensure the safety of CGI scripts have to specifically allocated directory and the server is configured with the ability to run CGI scripts in that directory. The default for Apache CGI-BIN directory.

The main disadvantage of using CGI scripts-low performance, because when the Web server request each time a new process that consumes lots of CPU time, and which also uses a portion of system resources on the server. Due to this now instead of CGI increasingly used other technologies server programming-PHP, ASP, JSP.

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