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Direct Admin (Direct Admin)-full-featured, equipped with all necessary tools, Control Panel, with a pretty nice site, convenient for standard user interface.

And what is a control panel site asks a normal user? Control Panel site is primarily a centre, which collects all the necessary tools for comfortable work with the site. The Panel includes such tools as the management of domains and subdomains, create different accounts (FTP, e-mail), good quality and full statistics on the site (sites), file manager for downloading files and pages on the site, the tool to work with MySql databases and much any equally important instruments on the description which we focus.

If you make an analogy, the Control Panel, you can compare with the control panel of any powerful, multi-faceted program that resides on your computer. For a more precise definition, take this popular program like Nero, the information available to many users. Opening the Direct Admin Control Panel, we have before us a truly wide choice and freedom of action. We can from the start to burn disk, can start a program for editing and converting audio files, can make backups of any files and data and more choice for further action, the program gives a great multitude. Starting from the Control Panel, any tool, we run a mini application, you can say a mini program which performs certain actions and carries a certain load. In the same case and control panel site running any tool, we run a mini application (in this case, the BOT) which performs certain actions.

But since we have decided to hold the anologi Control Panel website Control Panel programs on your computer, it would be not quite correct, not notice, and such a caveat that not all programs with powerful features (Tools) are simple and comfortable for the user to interface (Control Panel), in many of these programmes, a normal user can easily get lost, and God forbid, make suchthat may harm your computer. With control panels site is about the same, there are plenty of developers of these programs (scripts), site management, but not all of them are functional and easy to use.

At one time I saw poskitat′sâ on various types of companies (hosting services), my site, like nomadic tribes in North Africa, roamed from one server to another, changing DNS site, contact ICQ support these companies (not always friendly and friendly), services and quality of service, and accordingly each time (almost always) changed the control panel of the site. How many of them were all already Masuria, from samopisnyh, my buggy, before it is acceptable.

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