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This alphanumeric address of the computer on the Internet. Apply for usability addresses a man and a software application layer, because the IP addresses used by low-level software seriously perceive and memorize. To convert domain names to IP addresses the DNS serves.

Domain name is made up of different levels (usually up to 3) separated by periods. Domain names (first) level are standardized and there are two types. For domains outside of the United States used the two-letter country codes adopted by ISO (ru-Russia, ua-Ukraine, Belarus, bv-de-Germany, fr-France, etc.). For United States top-level domains to reflect organizational and political structure of the global network, although some of these domains (com, org, net) are now also distributed outside the United States. Domenoe 2-nd level name must be unique within the domain of the top-level domain name 3-tier (subdomain), in turn, must be unique within the domain of level 2, etc.

For domain registration level 2, you must submit an application in the control of the top-level domain. Accreditation agencies, governing the registration of geographical names in the top-level domains is an ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)-Corporation for assigning names and addresses in the Internet, which actually acts as a steering body to the Internet.

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