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Special configuration file with Apache directives that apply to the directory where this file is located. Given that the virtual hosting access to the main server configuration file is usually closed for security reasons, then .htaccess files are the only means for the user to use any server directive to directories of your site. Using .htaccess usually solved tasks, such as limiting access to the folder or individual files with a password to certain users (dir), redirecting visitors to another site or page (redirect), the replacement of standard error messages on the server, and others.

The .htaccess file for each directory you can limit or disable using the AllowOverride directive in Apache's configuration file.

.Htaccess file affect not only the location but also to subdirectories of this directory. That is, if you use .htaccess is allowed for this directory, Apache first looks for the file .htaccess in this directory, and then in all directories that are parent for this directory up.

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