HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

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Text markup language, which is currently used in World Wide Web. Originally designed as a language for the exchange of scientific and technical documentation. Standardization of language HTML is W3C (WORLD WIDE WEB Consortium).

The HTML document is a plain text file that contains the HTML elements and the information. Elements can be logical and physical. Physical indicate how information should be displayed in the browser. Logical, however, define the structure of the document. The modern trend of HTML is that all physical items are excluded, and remain the only logical, but how to display the information in these elements is in CSS. This allows you to significantly improve the structure of the documents and make them more versatile and compatible with various means of information display on the World Wide Web.

Ideal in this regard is the language of the next generation of XML which replaces the HTML. The transition from HTML to XML, applies the special language is XHTML, which actually is the latest version of HTML with the stricter syntax, and is based on XML.

Official specifications of the latest versions of the language can be found at: HTML, XHTML- In the other languages-

HTML/XHTML you want static pages. To create a dynamic content technologies SSI, CGI, PHP, ASP, JSP.

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