HTTP-Hypertext Transfer Protocol

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Is an application layer protocol in the TCP/IP protocol for formatting, transfer and associate documents with each other. The documents may contain different information types, including text, images, sound, animation, video. HTTP is the foundation of a global information system on the World Wide Web.

HTTP is a request-response protocol. The connection is always initiated by the client (usually a browser), which sends a request (HTTP request) to the server in the form, which defines the method, URL Protocol version and MIME-like message containing request modifiers, and the body of the request. The server responds by sending the status string that includes the Protocol version, result code and MIME-like message containing server information, meta-information object and body object itself.

The most used methods are: GET-query itself and is intended for information (object); POST is used to request that the server accepts the request object; HEAD-the same as the GET, but without transferring the body of the object.

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