POP3 (Post Office Protocol)

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Same as IMAP allows you to read the e-mail messages to a remote network client from your e-mailbox on the e-mail server. But, in contrast to IMAP, each message is downloaded to the client workstation and is removed from the mailbox on the server. This creates some problems for clients that connect to mail server with various workstations, because the messages are downloaded to the Workstation client requested at this time to the server. Leaving messages for a single user can be scattered across multiple workstations, which leads to confusion.

In the same way as SMTP and IMAP protocol, POP3 protocol uses the concept of client-server with a set of commands. By using commands in the transmission of e-mail messages from the server to the client. For this purpose, the client establishes a connection to TCP port 143 on the server.

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