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Virtual dedicated server (Virtual Private Server-VPS or Virtual Dedicated Server VDS)-virtual server control that can be both physical items on the desktop or Internet service provider in the Datacenter. Virtual dedicated server VDS and VPS provides full root access, configuration, any system settings and installing any necessary software. I.e. one physical machine with Windows (dedicated server) is used as a number of separate independent virtual machines with full access and administration-there can be limitations or the whims of a hosting provider who cannot or will not install the desired utility or library.

Many companies in the world use virtual dedicated servers for hosting more than 30 years. However, until recently, such technologies were only affordable for large companies. Now on the market a similar hosting, with the same guaranteed reliability, manageability, and scalability, but at a reasonable price.

Compared to traditional hosting user dedicated server VDS and VPS Gets a qualitatively new level of service:

VDS, VPS-this is the full root access;

VDS, VPS-is the possibility to configure any system and applications;

VDS, VPS is a possibility to install your version of system libraries or modify existing ones;

VDS, VPS-is the ability to delete, add, or edit any files in the system;

VDS, VPS is a possibility to install any software or reconfigure the system software;

VDS, VPS has its own IP address, ports, filters and routing;

VDS, VPS is a full control over processes, users and system files;

VDS, VPS is providing ssh-access, personal web, mail-, ftp servers and much more.

Virtual dedicated server VDS and VPS may be of interest to many website owners. Current trends in the development of technologies for building Web sites require more resources, capabilities and personalization than can offer traditional hosting (shared hosting), thus necessitating a special dedicated servers VDS and VPS type. Therefore, users of new prospects. Also, many rented computers and dedicated physical servers can now be replaced with visible financial benefit to the VDS and VPS. Design-Studio, for example, by subscribing to this service, be required to provide hosting to their clients.

Virtual dedicated server-a good choice for beginners. At their disposal, they receive a fully customized working system with user-friendly control panel. Exploring the wisdom of administration using the VDS and VPS newbie can become an expert in UNIX systems.

Therefore, VDS and VPS service took place between the virtual North (shared hosting) and dedicated server or co-location

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