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Article will help you understand, what's the difference between the popular CMS.

This issue is almost every webmaster who doubted even when choosing a content management systems. When there is a clear view of what should be the site, the answer becomes obvious. Well when the webmaster and the customer asks this question together, because as a rule, the first pair in the confusion, as it will look like ordered site. It all depends on the sort of materials of a site and whether it is just a product catalog site, corporate site, online store, site gallery, the portal, as well as how to display materials on a master page, with images, and sorted by category, tags and sections. This should be taken into account before you select a CMS. Popular free CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, Textpattern, Wordpress, etc.., they cope with any challenge on construction sites. A lot of plugins is each CMS, they give many extra features. Each of the CMS is used for certain tasks. As already mentioned, the best option is specified when site assignment.

For what it's all you need?

Here's for example, if you need a multi-level book hierarchy article or Forum, then choose Drupal, all features, such as: child articles (child), are already included.

Texpattern multitask with such a task as a fast engine. It allows you to spend a minimum number of clicks, output setting for different articles in different sections of the site.

But if you want an ordinary blog, WordPress, here's what you want to use for this purpose. Just a few clicks and it will be installed, and you get a large number of designs which are loaded with the main control panel when needs to get a large number of features not included in WordPress, and while never leaving the Admin Panel, there is the option to choose one that supports more functions, but much heavier is Joomla, together with the VirtueMart module that organizes Internet shop, which is popular with vendors.

Pros and cons of each, but has certain modules and their functions are similar. Always remember the weight such a pleasure. How easy or difficult, here are things to consider here is for example, by using any CMS you can make a standard corporate site, however, Textpattern will weigh slightly more than 1 MB and will take 17 tables (MySQL) database, and the other will weigh several times more and tables in the DATABASE you need in the region of 60 years, generally in the MODX weighs 20 megabytes. Why is it needed? Sometimes you need to, but more often prefer lighter and mobile CMS as Textpattern. Each their own.

Popular CMS: Danneo, CMS Coder

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